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More Blessed to Give

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35b

    A young man raised by his grandmother, heard her say "It is more blessed to give than to receive" over and over throughout his childhood. He was not a Christian, and even though he didn't have much money growing up, he decided to live by this principle. As he worked, he would give whenever he could.

    Eventually, he became a billionaire with lots of real estate holdings out here in the western United States. One day while getting his hair cut, the hair stylist mentioned that her church was in the process of renovating their building. So, he asked if they needed any money, and if they were a 501c3 organization. She talked with the pastor, and of course they needed some money and were a tax-exempt organization. So, he wrote a check to the church for $5,000. Over the next several months, he gave that little church a total of $15,000. Now remember, this guy is not a Christian, or if he is, he doesn't let anyone know about it.

    At the end of their building project, the pastor sent the billionaire a "thank you" greeting card with the quote, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" from Acts 20:35. When he got the card, he was thrilled. He remembers how his grandmother taught him that verse, and how he had lived by that principle his whole life. The funniest part to me is that he didn't even know that quote was in the Bible! So now, he carries a Bible with him wherever he goes.

    The Bible will work for anyone who will believe it. I am convinced that if we would find one scripture verse, and apply it to our lives diligently, God would bless us beyond our imagination.

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