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"let thy words be few" Ecc. 5:2

    Our words have more power than we typically realize. The Bible says "death and life" are in the power of our words. We can speak positive words or negative words. The context of the quote from Ecclesiastes "let thy words be few" refers to talking to God. In other words, be careful that when you make a promise to God you are able to keep it. In a short phrase "I do", couples around the world promise to love and respect each other until the end of their time on earth, but look how many of them break that promise. This promise wasn't just made to one person, but it was also made to God and the community. That's why so many people's lives are hurt in divorce. It's a broken promise, and words have power.

    When you remember to "let your words be few", it will help you stay relatively calm in frustrating situations. Too often we start talking and talking, and this leads to anger. If we had simply stated our position one time instead of multiple times, we wouldn't have gotten angry.

    When you interrupt people, it's because you think that what you have to say is more important than what the other person is saying. Pride interrupts. If we remember to "let our words be few", we will wait for our turn to speak. Even having the right answer or perfect knowledge of a situation is not a reason to interrupt someone.

    In Proverbs it says that a fool is counted wise if he keeps his mouth shut. I think this is so funny, but I have seen this to be true many times. So, when we "let our words be few", we will appear smarter. Since humility is the opposite of pride, we display the Christian virtue of humility when we "let our words be few".

    In James 3 it says the tongue is an "unruly evil, full of deadly poison". Considering this, we must be careful to not only "let our words be few", but to protect our ears from hearing that deadly poison coming out of other people's mouths.

    Positive Words
    Words can be positive as well. The moment you say, "Hallelujah", for example, the Holy Spirit shows up. The Bible says the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. I know this article focused mostly on saying things that are not from the Holy Spirit, but when He is leading you, it's good to speak many words. In short, when you have something to say that doesn't pertain to the Word of God, "let your words be few".

    Say this: I let my words be few.

    If we will keep this scripture in our hearts and obey it, we will live more peaceful, healthy, and blessed lives.